There are legions of women longing to stretch beyond any measure they’ve set for themselves to live the life of their expanded dreams.

Too, there are millions ready to lay down their old ways of being to discover what has been hiding underneath their radar so that they can soar!

We’ve all heard stories of how we are like our female ancestors. To become everything we are meant to be we need to release what we are carrying that belonged to them but isn’t ours. It is time to free ourselves from those bindings and live our most authentic lives.

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We will invoke the Divine Feminine, the voices of our Matriarchs, our own voices–  the song of our inner wisdom.

This pilgrimage to the Mother Pearl is for women of all faiths and cultures.

By connecting with our female lineage we will transform in amazing ways. Through a thousand years of stories we will get in touch with our own stories and become clear of our own purpose.

This is an adventure of exploration, transformation, integration, and celebration for yourself as a Woman– ancestrally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

Our itinerary is beyond the ordinary.  We will return in enough time to prepare for Thanksgiving. We will bring an abundance of gratitude to share with our loved ones.

I am sending out a prayer to Every Women who is ready for the Pilgrimage to the Mother Pearl– May You Hear My Voice and find Your way to this lifetime opportunity.  It is what You’ve been Praying for. It is time to start packing your bags!