Travel with Sacred Pearl Tours and Experience the land of your faith, the land of your mothers…

Sacred Pearl Tours, in partnership with Yosher Tours in the U.S. and Sar-El Tours & Conferences will serves as your land agent in Israel, they are responsible for all your logistics from Baltimore to Israel, arrival in the land, transportation, itinerary and accommodations, and your safe return home.

Thanks to our collective experience in travel, tourism, event planning, and with a deep understanding of the Holy Land, we are offering programs for women and the journey of the soul. We offer a one of a kind experience that has been customized to fit you. Together we bring you the highest quality of customer service, creative and impacting itineraries, tour customization, and strong connections to the land, all at competitive prices.

Tour Leader – Jacke Schroeder


Lifelong, Jacke has focused on the sacred journey of her soul—studying and exploring a variety of faith traditions. At seventeen, she found herself in Israel separated from her two girlfriends and assigned to work in a kibbutz on the Lebanese border. There, the only person who spoke English at Kibbutz Dan was the person in charge. She quickly became self-assertive, her listening deepened and expanded, and she began her lessons in nonverbal communication. Jacke rose to the adventure and discovered how close that kind of experience was to the nature of her spirit. Although she loved being in Israel and didn’t want to leave, she felt she was neither old enough nor mature enough to make the decision to stay.


Upon returning home Jacke embarked on lifelong studies in the fields of spiritual awakening, social work and healing, and business administration. Her starting point was a meditation practice that commenced and has continued for forty years. Next she became a licensed social worker, counselor, executive coach and business consultant. Later, the deepening of her spirituality led her to become certified as an energy healer, shamanist and a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. From her experiences as a workshop leader, teacher and healing arts practitioner, Jacke heard a calling to begin writing and speaking publicly. She is a published author and an Ordained Maggidah—in the Jewish tradition, an inspirational storyteller about the journey of the soul. Jacke is a grandmother of three. Jacke has made 4 significant sacred journeys and has become adept in the art of pilgrimage.

While traveling in Israel with Jacke you will see yourself, others, and life in a new way. You will deepen your spiritual connection and return home feeling renewed, balanced and fully alive, ready to share your gratitude and thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Tour Guide – Yonatan Miller

pics of Yonatan

Becoming an “officially licensed Israeli tour guide” was not something I thought about becoming when I made Aliyah (moved) to Israel in July 2006 or much less when I was first here in 1973/4. When a guide starts out officially, he or she is told never to tell anyone that this is “your first group as a professional guide.” So, when someone asked me how long have I been guiding on that very first tour, these words just spilled out of my mouth: “In Israel, you start guiding as soon as you have guests that come for a visit!”

Israel is an incredibly diverse country: snow capped Mt. Hermon in the north, green rolling hills filled with a multitude of flowers in the winter and spring, small mountains with springs and caves, streams and lakes of all sizes, areas for growing grain and other food stuffs, orchards and vineyards as far as the eye can see, and of course, the expansive desert.

pics of Yonatan

As an Israeli guide, I am acquainted with all of Israel and am always looking forward to helping my guests fulfill what is often a desire they have had their entire lives—to come and visit the HOLY LAND. I help them to see and visit parts of this Land they have always dreamed about and tie it into what they also like to do on their vacations. Israel seems to have it all. Whether it is a 2 1/2 hour condensed tour of the Old City of Jerusalem which I recently had the privilege of escorting the First Lady of Rwanda on or a multiple day tour for a family of some of Israel’s standard and unique sites, I make myself available to be “The Guide” or servant to help each and every one on my tours experience Israel for themselves, in their own way—one that is most meaningful for them.