on this journey of a lifetime, a choreographed adventure designed specifically for women.

There are many paths one can choose in making the journey to the proverbial Holy Land. Indeed, there are tours available for every individual, family or group. It is a rare opportunity to experience Israel, connect with the Divine and each other, while focusing on the impact women have had on this Land over the past centuries.

This unique experience will connect you with the power of the Holy Land, and help you unearth more of who you are. We will guide you into becoming sure of yourself — how you want to live your life, what you want to become, and what you want to give.  This experience is designed to offer you the chance like none before to gain inner peace, peace with your place in your female lineage, and peace in your world.

Accompany Jacke as you tour the Holy Land, not just visiting places and hearing the usual stories, but connecting with the sacredness of the sites and each other. Expand your inner self and refresh your life as you experience Israel from many more perspectives than you thought possible!

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